Portfolio Solutions

Tailored programs for discerning investors

Our Investment Solutions

Drake Capital’s emphasis on performance-driven solutions sets us apart from other providers of institutional portfolio products. Clients of both multi-client funds and separate account portfolios benefit from investing with top-tier hedge fund managers that are often difficult to access given their capacity-constrained strategies.

Investment funds

Our pooled investment vehicles provide clients with immediate access to our core strategies and world-class managers. New clients are invested alongside premier institutions, well-respected family offices and Drake Capital’s principals.

These funds are well suited to institutional investors seeking a proven, well-balanced portfolio with broad strategic coverage and streamlined management.

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Our multi-client funds offer:
  • Streamlined administration: Pooled investment funds offer broad strategic coverage with a single point of contact, minimizing client accounting and record keeping
  • Well-established investment and operations processes and policies
  • Long-term capital growth in a proven vehicle
  • Efficient access to a wide range of investment strategies
  • High-value/low-cost solutions: Given the size of our funds, we can access difficult-to-source, top-tier managers, often on advantaged terms not available to others

Custom portfolios

This tailored approach represents an efficient means of creating a dedicated, well-resourced investment program at far lower cost than building and supporting an internal team. Clients with custom portfolios also benefit from direct working relationships with Drake’s senior management team.

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Our custom portfolios offer:
  • Ultimate flexibility: The portfolio can be tailored to specific objectives
  • Flexibility to integrate unique mission objectives and operational funding requirements into portfolio construction and investment selection decisions
  • Close collaboration with in-house resources: Our teams work closely with client resources to ensure timely, accurate execution of investment activities
  • Detailed reporting: We work with clients to generate insightful portfolio reporting suitable for integration with clients’ broader investment reporting