At Drake Capital Advisors, we believe that there are a small number of truly exceptional investment managers across the globe.  It is our job to find them and access them for investment.

We believe that a well-constructed, flexible and actively-managed portfolio of skill-based fund investments can meaningfully outperform the broader equity markets over the long run.  Our experience supports this view.

We believe that market dynamics and investor behavior create unusual opportunities across different strategies at different times.  We work to be observant and forward-looking in order to exploit such opportunities.  We learn by listening, probing and asking the right questions.

We believe that every market and strategy has a level beyond which a larger asset base undermines performance.  Asset size matters in skill-based investing.

A key element of Drake Capital’s investment process is the sourcing of outstanding managers through our relationships with knowledgeable investors, experienced managers and market contacts.  Our team draws on long-term relationships and travels extensively to source managers outside the mainstream and access funds that are otherwise closed to new investment.


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